Now I Know... Body Parts

Now I Know… Body Parts

10 mini-puzzles of 2 pieces each. It contains the names of 10 parts of the body in 4 languages: English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.

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The Now I Know… Body Parts is a didactic game of relationships. With this educational game your children can have fun and learn at the same time.

Contains 10 cards. Each one has a part of the body and a drawing, to exemplify the body part.

This educational game is aimed at children over 2 years old.

Product Series Now I Know…

The Now I Know… Body Parts is the number 3 in a series of 8 relationship games. The other topics are:

Technical description:

Each puzzle of 2 pieces (attached) measures 15.5 x 9 cm. The box measures 9.5 x 2 x 12.5 cm.

Now I Know… Body Parts is made of thick cardboard with glossy laminating on the main face.


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