Educational Circle The Opposites

Educational Circle The Opposites

Educational book in circular form, bound, containing examples of opposing objects.

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The Educational Circle The Opposites is the most original and fun way to know the meaning of antonym or opposite, through visual and easy-to-understand examples for children.

This educational game-book has 12 examples of opposites or antonyms, each with drawings that exemplify them.

The greatest thing about the Educational Circle The Opposites is that it comes in a circular form, which makes it different from anything else.

Educational Circles Series:

The Educational Circles are a serie of 4 units. This serie will expand over time. Currently the other topics are:

Technical description:

The educational circle is composed of 14 pages (7 sheets). Diameter size: 15.9 cm (6.5″). It is bounded on the left side with double metal spiral.

It is made of caliber 16 double cardboard with glossy plasticization on all the pages, to increase its durability.


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