About Papel Etc

Papel Etc was founded in July 2004 in Venezuela with the aim of creating and producing stationery items that did not exist in the market or make them in a different, original and practical style.

At first we were only focused on the office products submarket. That’s why among our first products were special papers such as glassé, photographic and self-adhesive letter-size and other presentations.

A little later we started to explore the school products market. Although there were many school products on the market, these were very simple in design and fulfilled basic functions.

So we decided to see what the main needs were and to create products for schoolchildren that satisfied them.

That led us to the following two lines of business that today complete our catalog: children’s products and gift products.

About Papel Etc

A funny story

The kids liked our products, so we felt it was appropriate to make products that went to that market, but not necessarily relatives to school. That way one of our star products was born: the door hangers.

At the beginning we released 2 versions: one for little girls and one for little boys. As soon as it went out to the market it had an extraordinary sale. However, we perceived that the little girls version was sold 3 times more than the little boys version. We decided to investigate why.

It turned out that the mothers, aunts, etc., who went with children to the stores, also bought it for themselves. Some young teenagers also bought the product, although it was obvious that it was not aimed at them. That’s why we decided to launch two more versions: one for teenagers and one for women.

It was clear that the market was thirsty for original products. This brief story is just one of many that have happened with the products we have been releasing over the years.

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About Papel Etc

How we do what we do

We design and produce products that are sold in thirty-party stores. So our clients are the stores, not the direct consumers.

However, we know that we have to listen and investigate the final consumers, as we create for them. So, they are our source of information.

That, in fact, we put into practice when sketching any of our products. For example, we did it with planners.

The planners were one of our first products. To create them, we asked a representative number of busy people, what they wanted in an agenda-type pad. The answers were very wide, so we included in the design all the options we could, resulting in a very practical block.

Then we realized that it was mainly bought by men, so we decided to found out why. The thing is that it was available in letter size only and this one seemed very large to women. That’s why we decided to launch a medium-size letter version, which increased sales.

Once we saw how someone in a store bought a whole box of planners for employees of a Town Hall.

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